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J-Channeled Gutter Shutter in Buffalo, MN

Ed was in the market to put a first gutter system on his home. After receiving a company postcard in the mail, Ed called up our office and got an appointment set up with Kevin, our Minnesota salesman. Once he had a full installation plan in hand and saw a demonstration of our product, he signed off on the work and got our production department moving. 


In these photos, you can easily see the step-style fascia boards. To properly mount a gutter, a flush surface is needed to maintain the flow of the system and keep the water following the trough. We make this flush flush by bending up metal flashing at a 90 degree angle, twice, creating a square shape that adds depth to the recessed fascia board. In the installed photo, it is easy to see how the lower half of the gutter is not sitting against the lower board. 

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