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Need new gutters or gutter guards?

Replacing your gutters or installing gutters or gutter guards has never been easier with help from Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud. To properly protect your home against the elements, Richmond, MN homeowners need a strong, durable gutter system. A properly functioning gutter system is essential to protect your property against roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping damage. By choosing a Gutter Shutter company for gutter installation or replacement services in Richmond, you'll get an innovative, no-clog gutter system that will protect your home against four seasons of wind, rain, and hail, year after year. Ready to see the difference seamless gutters and permanent gutter guards can make? Contact us today to schedule a free gutter installation estimate!

Gutter Services in Richmond

Our gutter system includes:

  • Seamless aluminum gutters
  • Permanent gutter guards
  • Large-capacity gutter downspouts
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair
  • And more!

Replacing gutters or installing gutters on your whole house is a big job. Why not leave it to us? Schedule a free estimate to start your gutter installation in Richmond.

Seamless Gutters

Sagging, clogged gutters can cause more problems than you think. Without proper gutters, water can spill onto the house and cause interior water damage, home mold, structural damage, and more. A well-designed seamless gutter system prevents these problems. Protect your home against water damage with high-quality gutters by scheduling a free estimate for Gutter Shutter seamless gutters.

Permanent Gutter Guards

Gutters without gutter guards to keep out leaves, twigs, bird nests, and pests will fail faster. Gutter Shutter takes the guesswork out of choosing the right type of gutter guard. The premium seamless aluminum gutter system has integrated rolled hood design gutter guards to keep leaves and debris out, preventing clogs and reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning! 

Richmond’s Gutter Shutter® Professional

The Gutter Shutter System is designed to never clog or sag, ensuring proper drainage and providing a long-term, reliable gutter solution for your roof.

By installing Gutter Shutter, you'll get:

  • a no-clog guarantee — time and money saved on seasonal gutter cleaning!
  • gutters that won't flex, sag or pull away from your home
  • a strong, premium-grade aluminum gutter system
  • permanent gutter guards that keep debris out while allowing maximum water flow

Need help with your gutter installation or replacement? We're your trusted gutter company in Richmond, MN. Schedule a free estimate to get started!

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Homeowner has spent many years in this home and has invested in a brand-new back yard patio and staircase. To ensure that this investment last a lifetime he decided to protect his home and patio with Gutter Shutter! Seamless, leak free, clog free system. This yard got equipped with the best options for the unique situation. One side we installed a downspout with a tip up, this will help guarantee the water gets far enough away from the house and still be able to easily mow the lawn. On the other side of the house, he has drain tile connecting up to the downspout. To handle an influx of water coming down the down spout and still catching water coming down the hill sides he has opted for a Drain box. this allows lots of water to flow into the drain tail and move away from the house. 

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River Side Living


In the land of 10,000 lakes and rolling hills many homes are built on top of hills, at the bottom of hills, into hills, any which way they can. With...

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Gutter Shutter in Richmond, MN

Storms in Richmond lead to serious damage to Kurt's one-piece seamless gutters. With approval already from insurance, he reached out to our office for his free estimate of a full system replacement. Because the existing system was hooded, Kurt would qualify for a like-for-like replacement and have his upgrade to Gutter Shutter covered. 


Our St. Cloud salesman, Kevin Feldewerd, stopped by the next week to draw up a proposal. The 139 feet of roofline only required four pieces of white seamless gutter, each with its own downspout. The existing downspouts were in good enough condition to be re-used, however Kevin planned to add our wide mouth outlets to each. These would allow twice as much water to drain as the existing direct downspout connection, helping the gutters stay clog-free even in the heaviest rain!


Kurt liked the plan, but with Winter approaching the project couldn't be started as the roof needed to be replaced before anything else. We look forward to helping Kurt in the Spring and installing a brand new gutter guard system on his home!

Failing Gutters in Richmond, MN

Norman of Richmond was having serious issues with his gutters. The plastic seamed gutters on his home were essentially decorative because they miserably failed at capturing and moving water. Not only were they poorly installed, but the design of most plastic gutters makes even the smallest damages alter their functionality. This gutter was also located directly above a lakeside deck, leading to damages to the wood.


Our St. Cloud salesman, Kevin Feldewerd, stopped out to measure and create a plan that would best fit the house. The 42 foot run would be our seamless Gutter Shutter system with a downspout on one end. To help protect a set of stairs adjacent to the gutter, we would also add a diverter on the roof to push water further down the roofline.


Here at Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud, we are committed to providing a system that will best serve and protect your home. Give us a call today to see how we can help you!

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