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Foundation Protection with Gutter Shutter in Burnsville, MN

This garage in Burnsville was pushing too much water onto the driveway, as evidenced by the several cracks in the cement, and causing foundation issues nearby in the home. The homeowners contacted our office looking to get some gutters on the garage and to add a piece to the home. 


The before photo showcases a planning photo from the salesman, conveying a visual aid for the installers of the downspout location and it's style. There would be another downspout on the other end of this wall made with different elbows, so clarity is key! After the installation, the same front is set with Gutter Shutter, fully protecting the driveway. Each side of the square garage had Gutter Shutter installed, creating a seamless barrier between all that water coming off the roof and the cement. 


Don't wait until the foundation issues start, contact our office today and prevent damages with the Gutter Shutter system!

Gutter Shutter Installation in Isanti, MN

This customer called in after experiencing storm damage, by hail and a fallen tree, to the existing hooded gutter system. With the opportunity for a full like-for-like replacement, this customer was easily able to switch over to Gutter Shutter after a meeting with our production manager, Jerry Gary. 


We replaced the system on the entire house with a perforated hood and added our wide mouth outlets to the existing downspouts to ensure maximal water flow. Showcased in these photos is the longest run that experienced damage, coming in at 92 feet of seamless gutter!


Storm Damage Replacement in Zimmerman, MN

After a tree landed on her house, Joanne needed a lot of repairs done on part of her home. The contractor she was working with reached out to our office to see what we could offer for replacement on the affected areas of the house. Even though only a small portion of the original k-style gutters were directly affected by the damage, each section around the corner would need to be fully replaced to maintain a seamless design. Once all of the necessary repairs were complete, we were ready to put up the gutters. 


In a like-for-like replacement, we installed 110 feet of 5" k-style with a screen to assist in clogging protection from nearby trees. To ensure proper flow around the corners, and to tie into the undamaged gutters, outside box miters were installed and sealed. Our installation got the job done in just a couple of hours, providing a warrantied protection against future damages.

Gutter Shutter Replaces Open-Style in Finlayson, MN

The metal roof on this shop in Finlayson was a bit too much for the open-style gutters to handle. The 34-foot gutter was struggling to handle all of the water coming off the large roof and further struggled to drain it all effectively. Our installation of Gutter Shutter with a wide mouth outlet increased the trough size by 50%, doubled the drainage capacity from the gutter, and ensured better water capture from the roof!

Gutter Shutter Project in Buffalo, MN

This homeowner saw our mailer ad for a premium gutter system and decided it was time for an upgrade. The existing seamed K-style gutters were not keeping up with the trees close to the house. 

After meeting with our salesman Kevin Feldewerd, the homeowner decided to replace all but one section with Gutter Shutter. The home had several uneven rooflines, leading to multiple gutter runs needing to connect indirectly. The previous system accomplished this by inefficiently dumping water onto the shingles to make its way into the gutter, as seen in the photo. 

To provide more efficient flow and 100% water capture, our installers cut directly into the hood and inserted the other run in. This direct connection blocks debris, creates a much cleaner look, and prevents any risk of damage to the roof. 

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