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Need new gutters or gutter guards?

Replacing your gutters or installing gutters or gutter guards has never been easier with help from Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud. To properly protect your home against the elements, Saint Joseph, MN homeowners need a strong, durable gutter system. A properly functioning gutter system is essential to protect your property against roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping damage. By choosing a Gutter Shutter company for gutter installation or replacement services in Saint Joseph, you'll get an innovative, no-clog gutter system that will protect your home against four seasons of wind, rain, and hail, year after year. Ready to see the difference seamless gutters and permanent gutter guards can make? Contact us today to schedule a free gutter installation estimate!

Gutter Services in Saint Joseph

Our gutter system includes:

  • Seamless aluminum gutters
  • Permanent gutter guards
  • Large-capacity gutter downspouts
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair
  • And more!

Replacing gutters or installing gutters on your whole house is a big job. Why not leave it to us? Schedule a free estimate to start your gutter installation in Saint Joseph.

Seamless Gutters

Sagging, clogged gutters can cause more problems than you think. Without proper gutters, water can spill onto the house and cause interior water damage, home mold, structural damage, and more. A well-designed seamless gutter system prevents these problems. Protect your home against water damage with high-quality gutters by scheduling a free estimate for Gutter Shutter seamless gutters.

Permanent Gutter Guards

Gutters without gutter guards to keep out leaves, twigs, bird nests, and pests will fail faster. Gutter Shutter takes the guesswork out of choosing the right type of gutter guard. The premium seamless aluminum gutter system has integrated rolled hood design gutter guards to keep leaves and debris out, preventing clogs and reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning! 

Saint Joseph’s Gutter Shutter® Professional

The Gutter Shutter System is designed to never clog or sag, ensuring proper drainage and providing a long-term, reliable gutter solution for your roof.

By installing Gutter Shutter, you'll get:

  • a no-clog guarantee — time and money saved on seasonal gutter cleaning!
  • gutters that won't flex, sag or pull away from your home
  • a strong, premium-grade aluminum gutter system
  • permanent gutter guards that keep debris out while allowing maximum water flow

Need help with your gutter installation or replacement? We're your trusted gutter company in Saint Joseph, MN. Schedule a free estimate to get started!

Case Studies From Saint Joseph

Downspouts St. Joseph Minnesota


Customer contacted us after experiencing a difficult time with insurance after her home was affected by hail. She knew her downspouts were damaged to...

Job Stories From Saint Joseph, MN
Gutter Shutter Storm Damage Replacement in St. Joseph, MN

Craig's seamless one-piece covered gutters in St. Joseph were damaged by a hail storm in the early summer. While they seemed to be functional, he thought it would be the perfect time to upgrade his gutters as the roof was sure to be replaced as well. Our office was contacted by the local contractor to provide a damage assessment and quote for replacement. Kevin Feldewerd, our Minnesota salesman, was ready to make the trip and stopped out on a beautiful summer day. 


The first thing Kevin noticed was that there was more to the damage than meets than eye. Even though the hail dents were somewhat small, they can have a big impact because the existing cover was a smooth and curved design. Indentations can lead to improper water flow and pooling, creating overshooting issues and pooling water. We would also be adding in our industry-leading wide mouth outlets, which would double the drainage capacity at each downspout. After several months for the roofing and other repairs to be completed, our installation crew visited Craig's home. A few hours of work lead to all 159 feet of Gutter Shutter being installed all around the house, with 5 downspout locations. 


Have your gutters been damaged by storms? Contact our office today to find out what replacement options Gutter Shutter can provide for you!

Gutter Installation St. Joseph Minnesota

Gutter replacement in Stearns County Minnesota

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