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Seamless Gutters & Gutter Guard Installation in Saint Cloud & Nearby

At Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud, we understand how important your gutters are to your home. Gutters protect your roof, foundation, landscaping, and basement from flooding and water damage. If you are constantly working to maintain the condition of your gutters and are worried about their quality, it might be time to replace them. A high-quality, state-of-the-art gutter system is what every home needs to ensure complete safety. Our gutter experts can install our state-of-the-art, all-in-one Gutter Shutter® seamless gutter system quickly and efficiently, ensuring your home is secure in no time.

Saint Cloud Gutter Services:

  • Seamless gutter installation
  • Gutter guards
  • Gutter drainage
  • Gutter downspouts & extensions
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair

Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud offers free estimates for your Saint Cloud home. Contact us at 1-888-231-0913 or online today to schedule your free, no-obligation gutter installation estimate!

Expert Gutter Contractors Serving the Saint Cloud Area

Our professional gutter contractors provide the highest quality service to meet your every need. We can determine the best solution for your gutters to ensure your home stays dry and secure. Our innovative, industry-leading gutter system will leave your home protected from water damage for years to come.

Advantages of the Gutter Shutter® System

  • Premium-grade aluminum: Constructed with durable .032 gauge aluminum, Gutter Shutter won’t bend or flex under pressure.
  • Exclusive high-back trough: Gutter Shutter’s high-back design prevents water from getting behind your gutters and causing damage to fascia, soffits, shingles, and more.
  • Low-maintenance: Integrated gutter guards keep debris out, eliminating clogs and the need to risk your safety by clearing out your gutters.
  • Improved curb appeal: Gutter Shutter comes in a variety of colors to match your home and includes a 20-year paint warranty.

Schedule a Free Seamless Gutter Estimate in Saint Cloud & Nearby

Ready to boost the curb appeal, value, and security of your Saint Cloud home? Contact our gutter replacement and gutter repair contractors at Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud to get started! We provide free estimates for gutters, gutter guards, gutter downspouts, and more. Schedule yours today in Saint Cloud, MN and nearby in Stearns County.

Before and After Pictures from Saint Cloud

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Heavy snows from this past winter built up on the seamed open-style plastic gutters on a home in St. Cloud. One seam busted on a section near the front door, leading to a noticeable leak out of the gutter as the snow melted. The homeowner was ready for an upgrade and started researching different options online. After coming across our website, he reached out to our office and set up an appointment for a free estimate of gutter replacement. Kevin Feldewerd, our lead Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud salesman, was able to visit the home to draw up a quote and plan. 


With very few trees nearby, the homeowner was sure he wanted to stick with a open-style gutter system. Kevin then drew up a proposal for our premium RainGuttersXL system. These seamless rain gutters aren't your average open-top gutters. Heavy gauge aluminum gives them unmatched strength and the squared trough design nearly doubles the amount of water it can hold. To ensure no water dripped off the side of the roof, we also added in a small deflector piece to redirect water right into the gutter. Beyond the replacement of a plastic downspout with our 3x4 aluminum, the addition of a wide mouth outlet instantly doubled the drainage capacity from the system, pushing it down into a long downspout extension that would send all of the water away from the house and into the lawn. 


While the improvement to this hail damaged open-style gutter system with Gutter Shutter in St. Cloud is clear, this installation showcases well the difference between common 2x3 downspout and our standard 3x4 downspouts. The wide mouth outlet attached to gutter will quadruple the drainage capacity from the trough, ensuring no backups or overflows. You can also see the use of our ledge jumper elbows in the lower section to get past the stone outcropping. Ledge jumpers help us maintain a consistently parallel downspout, which looks much better than the angling of the original downspout section. 


This seamless one-piece covered gutter system in St. Cloud, MN was damaged by a hailstorm over the summer. In conjunction with a roof replacement, Gutter Shutter was contacted to propose a replacement of the gutters with our similar two-piece covered seamless gutter system. While the systems may look and seem similar, there are a few key differences to point out:

  • 50% larger trough size overall
  • Visually appealing crown moulding design
  • Wide mouth outlets for better downspout drainage
  • Streamlined corner miters 
  • High-volume perforated hood

Is Gutter Shutter the better fit for your home? Contact our office today to get your gutter system upgraded to our best gutter protection system!

Job Stories From Saint Cloud, MN
Gutter Shutter Estimate in St. Cloud, MN

Bob in St. Cloud was done with the set of seamed plastic gutters he had installed himself years ago. They consistently separated, leaked, and clogged. Enough was enough for Bob and he took them all down. After seeing our ad in a local newspaper, he gave us a call to learn about our systems. Kevin Feldewerd, our Minnesota salesman, was ready to show off how our products put plastic gutters to shame. 


To protect the entire home, 148 feet of gutters across 6 pieces would be needed. Each section would be connected to a downspout with our 4x6 wide mouth outlets, doubling the drainage capacity from the trough compared to standard downspout outlets. One section had a few feet of protruding roofline near the end. Rather than adding a whole new section of Gutter Shutter, we would install a diverter onto the roof to redirect water towards the piece nearby. 


Bob wasn't quite ready to move forward with the project, but with a full proposal ready to go he can expedite the process once the right time comes. Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud stands ready to provide every home with its perfectly customized gutter solution, call today to find out about yours!

Adding More Gutters in St. Cloud, MN

Joe's house in St. Cloud came with two pieces of open-style gutter that were placed only to cover the walkway to the home's front door. They did this job fairly well, yet had some occasional clogs and dripped over the edge. Joe wasn't sure about replacing them but was sure he wanted to add more gutter around the house. He contacted our office and got an appointment set up with our regional salesman, Kevin Feldewerd.


Kevin quickly noticed the problem areas and drew up a plan for placing Gutter Shutter around the house. With overlapping rooflines at the entryway, a higher gutter was dumping a lot of water onto the roof above the lowest piece. This extra water in a valley was just too much for the open gutter. We would install Gutter Shutter on each roofline and connect the pieces with a direct into-gutter connection. This ensures 100% water capture and effective flow as downspout from the higher piece is set through the hood and into the trough of the lower piece. With the entryway replacement planned, Kevin went to the back of the home. We would need 38 feet of gutter to cover the back roofline, protecting a deck and capturing a large amount of water.


A few weeks later, our installation crew made it out to the home and put up all 66 feet of gutter within a few hours. Don't let a bad gutter system lead to preventable problems, contact our office today to find out how Gutter Shutter can protect your home!

Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN

Gutter Shutter® Installation completed in St. Cloud Minnesota.

Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 1Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 2Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 3Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 4Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 5Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 6Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 7Gutter Shutter® System St. Cloud, MN - Photo 8
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Project Location: Saint Cloud, MN
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New patio home so don't need gutters all around the house but must wait until landscaping company finishes lawn per the builder, to install gutters. Want to know what your prices are.
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We have an insurance claim from last years storm- roof has been completed but still looking for someone to do the gutters. Thank you.
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