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Need new gutters or gutter guards?

Replacing your gutters or installing gutters or gutter guards has never been easier with help from Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud. To properly protect your home against the elements, Sartell, MN homeowners need a strong, durable gutter system. A properly functioning gutter system is essential to protect your property against roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping damage. By choosing a Gutter Shutter company for gutter installation or replacement services in Sartell, you'll get an innovative, no-clog gutter system that will protect your home against four seasons of wind, rain, and hail, year after year. Ready to see the difference seamless gutters and permanent gutter guards can make? Contact us today to schedule a free gutter installation estimate!

Gutter Services in Sartell

Our gutter system includes:

  • Seamless aluminum gutters
  • Permanent gutter guards
  • Large-capacity gutter downspouts
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair
  • And more!

Replacing gutters or installing gutters on your whole house is a big job. Why not leave it to us? Schedule a free estimate to start your gutter installation in Sartell.

Seamless Gutters

Sagging, clogged gutters can cause more problems than you think. Without proper gutters, water can spill onto the house and cause interior water damage, home mold, structural damage, and more. A well-designed seamless gutter system prevents these problems. Protect your home against water damage with high-quality gutters by scheduling a free estimate for Gutter Shutter seamless gutters.

Permanent Gutter Guards

Gutters without gutter guards to keep out leaves, twigs, bird nests, and pests will fail faster. Gutter Shutter takes the guesswork out of choosing the right type of gutter guard. The premium seamless aluminum gutter system has integrated rolled hood design gutter guards to keep leaves and debris out, preventing clogs and reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning! 

Sartell’s Gutter Shutter® Professional

The Gutter Shutter System is designed to never clog or sag, ensuring proper drainage and providing a long-term, reliable gutter solution for your roof.

By installing Gutter Shutter, you'll get:

  • a no-clog guarantee — time and money saved on seasonal gutter cleaning!
  • gutters that won't flex, sag or pull away from your home
  • a strong, premium-grade aluminum gutter system
  • permanent gutter guards that keep debris out while allowing maximum water flow

Need help with your gutter installation or replacement? We're your trusted gutter company in Sartell, MN. Schedule a free estimate to get started!

Job Stories From Sartell, MN
Gutter Replacement from Storm Damage

A Contractor reached out to us to replace the gutters on a home they are replacing the roof on. We spoke with the contractor about the needs of the home and homeowners. As this is an insurance claim our design specialist was able to help the contractor get the insurance company to cover the gutter replacement for the Homeowner. A proposal was submitted to the insurance company, and it was denied at first glance. Our Design specialist was persistent to talk with the insurance agent to figure out way they were at a different price then what Gutter Shutter quoted to do the gutter replacement. With some further investigation there was a discrepancy with the footage of gutter that needed to be replaced. Once the specialist and the adjuster talked a little bit more, we were able to get a fair value replacement dollar that covered the gutter installation. 


Here at Gutter Shutter our inside sales team is trained to work with the insurance companies and adjuster to obtain a fair replacement value for your insurance claims. We know that it takes a lot of time and effort to communicate with these very busy adjusters and come to an agreement on the deserved value. We have put a team together to help all of our customers work through these pain points after storms and unforeseen damage to your home. Need some help, Give us a call today.

Gutter Shutter Installation in Sartell, MN

After storms swept through the St. Cloud area, Jodi's open-style gutters in Sartell were not performing well enough and she was ready for an upgrade. A few minutes of searching online brought her to our website and our office got an appointment set up within a week. The plan was for our owner, Jason Borresch, to stop by and create a proposal with a few different installation options for Jodi to decide on. The two-story home with an attached garage had 257 feet of roofline to cover, with at least 100 feet of downspout needed to connect the system and move the water. 


The original system was well-planned, so Jason noted that we would replicate the system with a few upgrades in equipment. Adding our wide mouth outlets to each downspout would allow water to drain twice as fast at each location, ensuring no overflow even during heavy rains. Also, to drain some of the second story water to the lower gutters, we would install downspout directly into the gutters, rather than just draining it onto the shingles nearby. This ensures 100% water capture and prevents the buildup of debris on the roof. 


These two upgrades, along with Gutter Shutter's inherent qualities of incredible strength and a clog-free guarantee, will allow Jodi to never have to worry about her gutters again!



Clogged Gutters in Sartell, MN

James of Sartell contacted our office with a few gutter problems. His open-style gutters with a screen frequently clogged up near the downspouts, leading to excess water dripping out of the gutter. This was made worse after storms came through the St. Cloud area, leading to hail and tree damages to the system. 


Our salesman Kevin Feldewerd was able to stop out the next day to take measurements and help assess the damages. The house design required a total of 21 pieces of gutter to cover all 232 feet of rooflines, some of which was on the 2nd story. With certain overlapping rooflines, several direct cut-into-gutter spots were planned to connect two gutter runs. These precise cuts into the hood allow us to move water between the runs with 100% water capture, rather than just dropping it onto the roof. 


Have you experienced storm damage to your gutter system? Contact us today to see how we can help!