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Need new gutters or gutter guards?

Replacing your gutters or installing gutters or gutter guards has never been easier with help from Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud. To properly protect your home against the elements, Zimmerman, MN homeowners need a strong, durable gutter system. A properly functioning gutter system is essential to protect your property against roof, foundation, siding, and landscaping damage. By choosing a Gutter Shutter company for gutter installation or replacement services in Zimmerman, you'll get an innovative, no-clog gutter system that will protect your home against four seasons of wind, rain, and hail, year after year. Ready to see the difference seamless gutters and permanent gutter guards can make? Contact us today to schedule a free gutter installation estimate!

Gutter Services in Zimmerman

Our gutter system includes:

  • Seamless aluminum gutters
  • Permanent gutter guards
  • Large-capacity gutter downspouts
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Gutter repair
  • And more!

Replacing gutters or installing gutters on your whole house is a big job. Why not leave it to us? Schedule a free estimate to start your gutter installation in Zimmerman.

Seamless Gutters

Sagging, clogged gutters can cause more problems than you think. Without proper gutters, water can spill onto the house and cause interior water damage, home mold, structural damage, and more. A well-designed seamless gutter system prevents these problems. Protect your home against water damage with high-quality gutters by scheduling a free estimate for Gutter Shutter seamless gutters.

Permanent Gutter Guards

Gutters without gutter guards to keep out leaves, twigs, bird nests, and pests will fail faster. Gutter Shutter takes the guesswork out of choosing the right type of gutter guard. The premium seamless aluminum gutter system has integrated rolled hood design gutter guards to keep leaves and debris out, preventing clogs and reducing the need for frequent gutter cleaning! 

Zimmerman’s Gutter Shutter® Professional

The Gutter Shutter System is designed to never clog or sag, ensuring proper drainage and providing a long-term, reliable gutter solution for your roof.

By installing Gutter Shutter, you'll get:

  • a no-clog guarantee — time and money saved on seasonal gutter cleaning!
  • gutters that won't flex, sag or pull away from your home
  • a strong, premium-grade aluminum gutter system
  • permanent gutter guards that keep debris out while allowing maximum water flow

Need help with your gutter installation or replacement? We're your trusted gutter company in Zimmerman, MN. Schedule a free estimate to get started!

Before and After Pictures from Zimmerman

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After a tree landed on her house, Joanne needed a lot of repairs done on part of her home. The contractor she was working with reached out to our office to see what we could offer for replacement on the affected areas of the house. Even though only a small portion of the original k-style gutters were directly affected by the damage, each section around the corner would need to be fully replaced to maintain a seamless design. Once all of the necessary repairs were complete, we were ready to put up the gutters. 


In a like-for-like replacement, we installed 110 feet of 5" k-style with a screen to assist in clogging protection from nearby trees. To ensure proper flow around the corners, and to tie into the undamaged gutters, outside box miters were installed and sealed. Our installation got the job done in just a couple of hours, providing a warrantied protection against future damages.

Job Stories From Zimmerman, MN
Gutter Shutter Entraway Protection in Princeton, MN

A homeowner of Princeton, MN had frequent ice formation on the sidewalk leading to his front door as the garage overhang kept dripping right onto it. With no gutter there to catch the water, all the water could do was sit on the cement and freeze. A solution was needed quick, so the homeowner reached out to our office to get a free estimate of installing our seamless gutter system. Kevin Feldewerd, our regional salesman, visited the home on a brisk February day to draw up a proposal.


Since the homeowner knew exactly where he wanted gutter and already had a drain tile location, Kevin's planning phase was rather simple. The entry path needed 25 feet of white Gutter Shutter with a single downspout aligned with the drain tile. Since any gutter by itself cannot prevent ice formation, the homeowner also wanted heat tape installed. Gutter Shutter's large size and removeable hood is great for enabling heat tape installation, as we can easily make adjustments for placing it throughout the gutter. 


Whatever water problem you are looking to solve, Gutter Shutter of St. Cloud is ready to help provide a solution!

Slow Gutter Flow in Zimmerman, MN

The open style gutters on several parts of Craig's home and shed in Zimmerman were not getting the job done. Through years of wear and tear, a few pieces had bends and dents that affected the water flow. Others were not sealed properly on the fascia board, leading to icicles behind the gutter. This just wouldn't do, so Craig went searching on the internet and came across our website and set up an appointment for his free estimate. 


Kevin Feldewerd, our regional salesman, visited the home to draw up a customized proposal. The job would take 180 feet of Gutter Shutter across five pieces, each with its own downspout. These downspouts, as part of the Gutter Shutter system, would be significantly upgraded from the existing system. Each would be installed with our industry-leading wide mouth outlet, instantly doubling the drainage capacity from each gutter run. On the bottom end, 4 out of the 5 downspouts would tie in directly to a drain tile. Our drain tile adapters would provide a much more durable and sturdy connection with the downspout than the previous ones. 


If your gutters are not protecting your home like they should, reach out to our office today and see how Gutter Shutter can get you the perfect solution!

Storm Damage Estimate for Zimmerman, MN

Steve's house took some damage from summer storms that swept through Zimmerman. The existing one-piece hooded gutter system certainly needed to be replaced and the contractor working on the rest of the repairs reached out to our office to see what we could offer. With some provided paperwork in hand, Jerry Gary, our production manager, was ready to help them out and draw up a full proposal. 


The house needed 13 pieces of gutter, several of which would be connected by miters around corners, to cover all 238 feet of roofline. While the existing system had worked well for years, Gutter Shutter would provide a few upgrades. Each of the downspouts were planned to have our industry-leading wide mouth outlet added on, doubling the drainage capacity from the gutter. Furthermore, Gutter Shutter's two-piece design outperforms one-piece hooded systems, especially in terms of longevity and maintainability of the entire system.


Have you checked your gutters for damage from past storms? Contact our office today for a free estimate and inspection of your system!

Gutter Shutter in Zimmerman, MN

The seamless one-piece hooded gutter system on Jim's home was well-damaged during hailstorms in the early summer. In searching for a replacement, Jim discovered Gutter Shutter as a potential upgrade similar enough to his existing system. Speaking with our office manager, Amy Pederson, Jim was able to have a quote drawn up in-house based on previous gutter installation paperwork. 


A like-for-like replacement with Gutter Shutter would provide Jim with several benefits. We would add into his system our industry-leading wide mouth outlet on each downspout, doubling the drainage capacity from each gutter run. Furthermore, the downspouts could now be attached directly into the drain-tile system emplaced in the landscaping, providing a more secure and efficient drainage system. With the existing system closing in on nearly two decades of life, a Gutter Shutter replacement would take away all that wear and tear, especially needed for caulking on the miters.


Whatever your case may be, don't wait for the problems to start with your gutter system. Contact our office today for a free estimate of upgrading to Gutter Shutter!

Tree Damaged Gutter Replacement in Zimmerman, MN

Joanne's open-style gutters in Zimmerman were crushed, along with part of the roof, during a summer storm after a tree tipped onto the home. The local contractor making house repairs reached out to our office to see what we could offer for an estimate of exact replacement of the system. Kevin Feldewerd, our regional salesman, made the drive out to the house to draw up a plan.


Because the tree fell on a corner of the house, it caused damage to a portion of two gutters. To ensure the gutters are a seamless system, each run would have to be fully replaced, totaling to 110 feet. Tying around the corners required box miters, enabling a smooth transfer of water around corners. One undamaged downspout would simply be re-attached to the gutter, while we would fully install another. This would upgrade the corner downspout to our 3x4 size, doubling the size from the former 2x3 piece. 


After our office worked with Joanne's insurance to assure full replacement, our production department was ready to get the job done. In a few quick hours, the home was equipped with brand new open-style gutters with a high quality screen and a new downspout. 


Have storms damaged your gutters? Don't wait for other problems to start. Contact our office for a free inspection and estimate!