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Gutter Installation Before & After Photos

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Brand New Build with Gutter Shutter

This is a brand-new cabin build. The homeowner is looking to make sure the water is efficiently captured off the metal roof and routed away from the home's foundation. Rest assure Gutter Shutter of St Cloud has the solution for your home, new or older we will help protect it. 


The Gutter Shutter System offers a great finished look to that brand new metal roof! 

No Gutters to Gutter Shutter

Homeowner has spent many years in this home and has invested in a brand-new back yard patio and staircase. To ensure that this investment last a lifetime he decided to protect his home and patio with Gutter Shutter! Seamless, leak free, clog free system. This yard got equipped with the best options for the unique situation. One side we installed a downspout with a tip up, this will help guarantee the water gets far enough away from the house and still be able to easily mow the lawn. On the other side of the house, he has drain tile connecting up to the downspout. To handle an influx of water coming down the down spout and still catching water coming down the hill sides he has opted for a Drain box. this allows lots of water to flow into the drain tail and move away from the house. 

Clog Free Gutters On the Lake Cabin

Foundation Protection with Gutter Shutter in Burnsville, MN

This garage in Burnsville was pushing too much water onto the driveway, as evidenced by the several cracks in the cement, and causing foundation issues nearby in the home. The homeowners contacted our office looking to get some gutters on the garage and to add a piece to the home. 


The before photo showcases a planning photo from the salesman, conveying a visual aid for the installers of the downspout location and it's style. There would be another downspout on the other end of this wall made with different elbows, so clarity is key! After the installation, the same front is set with Gutter Shutter, fully protecting the driveway. Each side of the square garage had Gutter Shutter installed, creating a seamless barrier between all that water coming off the roof and the cement. 


Don't wait until the foundation issues start, contact our office today and prevent damages with the Gutter Shutter system!

Gutter Shutter Installation in Isanti, MN

This customer called in after experiencing storm damage, by hail and a fallen tree, to the existing hooded gutter system. With the opportunity for a full like-for-like replacement, this customer was easily able to switch over to Gutter Shutter after a meeting with our production manager, Jerry Gary. 


We replaced the system on the entire house with a perforated hood and added our wide mouth outlets to the existing downspouts to ensure maximal water flow. Showcased in these photos is the longest run that experienced damage, coming in at 92 feet of seamless gutter!


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