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The Gutter Shutter System - Gutter Shutter® in Elk River Minnesota

Gutter Shutter® in Elk River Minnesota
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Pictured is a completed Gutter Shutter® and custom downspout installation on a multi-level home in Elk River Minnesota.


This home has two roof elevations (7' & 30') that run close in proximity due to a gabled end; making downspout placement inconvenient. Our technicians were able to interlink the higher, 7' gutter trough to the lower 30' trough, with a custom 5' downspout extension and two elbows. The 30' section was outfitted with a 16' tip-up downspout that runs through the deck to ground level.


Water that is captured by the highest gutter trough drains through the downspout extension, to the lower 30' gutter, and flows out the lower downspout away from the home foundation. The result is a completely seamless and water-tight gutter system that boasts a clean look!

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