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The Gutter Shutter System - Gutter Shutter® Installation Finlayson Minnesota

Gutter Shutter® Installation Finlayson Minnesota
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Our technicians installed 34' of Gutter Shutter® on each side of this detached garage. Both gutter sections were equipped with Gutter Shutter's® Wide Mouth Outlet and oversized 3x4 downspouts to dispel water efficiently from the structure's foundation. The Wide Mouth Outlet provides greater water flow from the gutter and through the downs. Standard gutter systems usually have a downspout that is inserted directly into the gutter trough; thus, losing an inch, making the downspout opening smaller. The Wide Mouth Outlet is installed onto the bottom of the trough and a downspout is then installed into the Wide Mouth Outlet achieving maximum drainage potential. 


The homeowners are very pleased knowing their home is safeguarded from water damage and clogs with the Gutter Shutter System®!


Are you experiencing water issues or tired of dangerously trekking up a ladder to unclog gutters? Contact us today and we can come to give you a no-cost or obligation quote. See for yourself the many unique features and benefits that Gutter Shutter® can offer your home! 

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